Manchester, Connecticut

Legal Name Change on a birth record

Legal Name Change: on a birth record
The Manchester Town Clerk’s Office can only amend births that occurred in Manchester. The individual requesting the amendment must be the subject of the birth record or the parent of a minor’s birth record. If a change is to be made on the first, middle or last name of the birth record, the following items must be submitted. If it was a recent hospital error, please call the hospital at 860-646-1222 ext. 2204.

  1. An original certified Probate Legal Name Change decree (original will be returned)
  2. A notarized affidavit.
  1. If individual is a minor, at least one parent must complete the affidavit
  1. If individual is an adult, only that person can complete the affidavit
  1. Complete the appropriate form and have it notarized
  1. A government issued photo ID from the requestor

The request can be submitted by mail or in person to the Town Clerks Office. If the amended birth record is desired, please leave your number and the office will get back to you when the amendment has been completed. If requested through the mail, please see the requirements for obtaining birth certificates by mail.