Manchester, Connecticut

Dog License

Per State regulations, all Dogs must be licensed each year in the town where the dog resides. Licenses and tags are obtained in the Town Clerk’s Office. The dog year spans from July 1st to June 30th. Dog licenses expire and are renewed in the month of June. If a dog license is not acquired by June 30th, pursuant to Sec. 22-338, General Statutes, State of Connecticut, a penalty of $1.00 will be added to each additional month the dog is not registered. Additional fees may be incurred by the Dog Warden for unlicensed dogs.
A dog owner must apply for a license when a puppy turns 6 months of age or within 30 days of obtaining a new dog. If the adoption or purchase occurs after June, the owner must provide the bill of sale/transfer of ownership paperwork to avoid late fees. To prove ownership, present documentation from a veterinarian’s office, adoption paperwork or a bill of sale with the new owner’s information.

Applying for a license
(first time licensing)
*Dogs brought in from another State or Country must have a certificate of Health before a license can be issued. This is typically obtained from a pet adoption agency that transports dogs across the state border. Once the dog has been brought to a CT vet, the paperwork from the vet will suffice. 

Rabies/Spay/Neuter paperwork for licensing:
When licensing, the dog owner must be able to provide from a recognized veterinarian’s office documentation of a valid rabies certificate and spay or neuter certificate (if applicable). A spay or neuter certificate will only need to be provided the first time a new dog is registered. A dog’s rabies vaccine must be current in order to receive a new license. In the beginning of June, the town sends out a renewal notice for each dog listed in the town’s dog database. The notice will indicate if the rabies date on file is current or expired. If it has expired or expires in the month of June, a new rabies certificate must be provided before the new license can be issued.  

*In Connecticut, all dogs over the age of 3 months are required by law to be vaccinated against rabies. Owners are required to show a vaccination certificate as proof of current rabies vaccination in order to license their dogs. Exemption of rabies is only approved by the State Veterinarian. A valid rabies exemption certificate must be provided in order to receive a new license from the town. Call the State Veterinarian at 860-713-2505 (M-F, 8:00-4:30) or visit for more information.

Dog License/Renewal Day & Annual Rabies Vaccination Clinic is held once a year usually on the 2nd Saturday of June. Information for the current year’s Clinic will be posted in May. (Rabies Clinic flyer)
*Submit updated rabies or spay/neuter paperwork during the year to keep the Town Clerk’s record for your dog current. Send attachments to the Town Clerk's Office e-mail.  
New licenses - complete the application (Applying for a license) and submit with a check, self-addressed stamped envelope, current rabies certificate and spay/neuter certificate if applicable.
Renewal licenses – submit the renewal notice sent by the town back with a check (plus late fees if applies), self-addressed stamped envelope and an updated rabies certificate if the notice indicates that it has expired.
*When approved, requests will be processed and the new tag and license will be returned to the owner. The dog’s age when renewed will automatically advance a year.
Please call or e-mail the Town Clerk’s office if a registered dog has passed away, is no longer in your care or you have moved out of town with your dog. The Town Clerk’s office will then remove the dog/owner from our database. Send to Town Clerk's Office e-mail.
OWNER TRANSFER or TOWN TRANSFER: (occurring in Connecticut)
If a dog with a current license is transferred to a new owner or if the owner moves to another town within CT, a new license can be obtained for a fraction of the cost by presenting the original tag and license. When obtaining a dog through an owner transfer, the new owner must submit a letter from the previous owner giving the dog (stating who the dog is being given to) and then submit the letter to the Town Clerk to license.  
If a dog tag is lost, the paper license should be returned before a new tag and license are issued.
For additional fee information contact (860) 647-3037
Neutered male or Spayed female $8.00
Male or female, NOT altered $19.00
10-tag Kennel $51.00
Per month penalty for late registration $1.00
Already have a current year license:  
Transfer from another Connecticut Town $.50
Owner Transfer – Provide proof $1.00
Replacement for lost current tag $.50
Guide dog – Free with satisfactory evidence presented that the dog was placed by an organization which supplies such guide dogs. Fidelco & Guiding Eyes are currently the only approved organizations.
A kennel is defined as dogs kept for sport, sale or show.

  • All dogs six months and older must be licensed.
  • Dogs must wear the tag at all times
  • A dog without a tag is presumed to be unlicensed and is not protected by law
  • A tag must not be used on any other dog than the dog described in the license bearing the corresponding number
  • The dog owner is liable for damage done by their dog, including damage to shrubs, flowers or trees
  • Owners of roaming dogs are liable to prosecution
  • When a spayed or neutered dog is licensed for the first time, a certificate from a licensed veterinarian must be presented.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and owners submit a certificate to the Town Clerk when licensing their dog. Per Sec. 22-338  
Click here for important town ordinances and state statutes about your dog.

Manchester Animal Control/Dog Warden:
*Call if a stray dog is found to locate owner
(860) 645-5516 (24 hr. voice mail – calls returned promptly)
State of CT Department of Agriculture:
For questions concerning domestic animals (e.g. biting incidents, quarantine, vaccination)
∗ Animal Control Division (860) 713-2506 (M-F, 8:00-4:30)
∗ State Veterinarian (860) 713-2505 (M-F, 8:00-4:30)
Department of Energy & Environmental Protection:
*Wildlife Division (860) 424-3011
*Emergency dispatch (860) 424-3333
Dog License/Renewal Day & Annual Rabies Vaccination Clinic – held once a year usually on the 2nd Saturday of June. Information for the current year’s Clinic will be posted in May. (Rabies Clinic flyer)
MDog – (Manchester dog owners group) 
Low Cost Spay/Neuter:
*State website -
*Friends of Animals 1-800-321-7387 or
*Spay USA 1-800-248-7729 or
*Fox Memorial -