Manchester, Connecticut

Land Records


The office will be staffed and services will be provided to the public by the following methods.

**The return of original Land Record documents that have been filed are behind in mailing by 4 months. Please e-mail if you need your original document sooner. Thank you for your understanding.  

Recording Land Records: (Recorded same day and available on the Land Record Portal)

  1. Submit by mail/UPS/FedEX (Return address must be stated on doc in upper left corner)
  2. Use drop box near the handicap entrance at Town Hall. (Return address must be stated on doc in upper left corner)
  3. Submit online through eRecording. See eRecording section below for further information on how to sign up, obtain a customer ID and submit recordings online.
  4. Deeds of Conveyance can be accepted through eRecording. For more information on how to submit a deed and payment electronically, see eRecording section and then Deeds of Conveyance. Use the link to the DRS website regarding eREC to continue with a deed filing.

Return method:

  1. Once the recording is received, staff will proceed to process and return the final product by mail in 3-4 weeks as long as all requirements are met. (currently behind by 4 months)
  2. If a receipt is needed, please include a note with an e-mail address to return information to.
  3. Any questions can be submitted by phone (860-647-3037) or e-mail (

Searching Land Records:

  1. Land Records are accessible to search online using the Land Record Portal RecordHUB. See To access Land Records from home/office section below for further information.
  2. All Land Records/Maps/Foreclosure Registrations can be searched using the portal. Tradenames are also available from 2006 to present. If an image is unreadable, call (860-647-3037) or e-mail and staff will rescan a clear image.
  3. Indexes only are free to view when the Complimentary subscription is chosen.
  4. Temporary subscription to access images for free is available with a $2.00 print charge per page. See To access Land Records from home/office section below for further instructions.
  5. For easy step by step sign up instructions click here.

Request copies/certification of filed Land Records/Maps (11x17)/Tradenames:

  1. All copies cost $1.00 including the maps.
  2. Certification of a Land Record costs an additional $2.00
  3. Send request by mail. (Include check and vol/page of Land Record)
  4. Use drop box at Town Hall. (Include check, return env. and vol/page of Land Record)
  5. Requests will be processed by staff and returned by mail.

(see eRECORDING section below)


Land Record Notice:

The Town Clerk's Office strives to maintain the highest level of quality and accuracy for Land Records.  In order to help the Office retain this level of quality and accuracy, we would greatly appreciate any Land Record transactions be completed no later than 4:45pm.

This request is to ensure that the Office's land record recording procedure can be completed by the close of our business day while also maintaining the quality, accuracy and availability of the documents to the public.

We thank you for your understanding and acquiescence.


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To access Land Records from home/office:

Manchester has moved as of 3/7/2019 from eSearch to RECORDhub.

**All land records are recorded the same day they are received. They are then uploaded into RECORDhub that same day and available to view and print.**  

Manchester images and indexes dating from 1823 to current are available through our online Land Record search. Among the older documents, there are some images that are not entirely legible. The Town Clerk’s Office is continually updating these images to create clear, readable images. Please do not hesitate to call if an image needs updating (860-647-3037). The Town Clerk’s office will try to remedy the issue as soon as possible. The original Land Record books are always available for viewing in the Town Clerk’s office.

  1. Click the following link for access: Land Records Portal 
  2. For step by step sign up instructions click here.
  3. Create a RECORDhub account to access records.
  4. To view the indexes for free, choose the Complimentary subscription.
  5. To view images and indexes choose the Land Record subscription. 
  6. COTT help desk: (800-588-2688) call if having issues with a subscription or seeing images.

Temporary RECORDhub Subscription: COTT Systems press release

To facilitate greater access to your online records, we will be implementing a temporary RECORDhub subscription for Connecticut Town Clerks with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE and $2.00 per page prints for your customers.  This new temporary subscription will be available starting at 12:00 am on Monday, March 23, 2020, and will continue until further notice.  The subscription will be named "Land Records – Temporary No Fee" and will be available in the list of subscription options for your town. This is a “day forward” option beginning March 23, 2020.  All current RECORDhub subscriptions will remain in effect. To obtain the subscription, click here for step by step instructions.



Land Records

There are many different records that can be found in the Town Clerk’s Office
including Land Records & Maps. Land Records and Maps are permanent records
and  are accessible to the public. Copies of these documents can be obtained in
accordance with Statutory and Freedom of Information laws.

Land Records such as copies of Deeds, Mortgages and Maps dating back to 1823
are available at the Town Clerk’s Office.  This information can be found in both
paper and digital form.  In the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year, the Town Clerk’s office
processed over 7,000 Land Records.

All Land Record and Map indexes are also available on the Town web
site. There is a subscription service available to view these images and make copies
of the data on a 24/7 basis. For more information click on the Land Record Portal link

New OP-236 Conveyance Form (fillable)

Book Content Notice: (change effective 1/14/2019)

Over the last decade or more, a Manchester Land Record book contained 350 pages. Going forward, the Land Record books will now contain 1200-1300 pages per book.

This change starts with book 4584.

LAND RECORD RECORDING FEES (General Statute Sec. 7-34a)

Recording documents - $60.00 first page, $5.00 each subsequent page or portion thereof.

(Public Act 13-247)
Recording Nominee (MERS) - Assignment/Release - $159 flat fee with no additional page fee.
Recording Nominee (MERS) - Other Documents - $159 plus $5 for each additional page.

For a full schedule of Land Record Recording Fees, click on BASIC FEE SCHEDULE

eRecording: Electronically submitted documents for immediate recording on the Land Records

All types of Land Record documents can be submitted through eRecording. The document is recorded and available for public viewing the same day. In order for submitters to get electronically connected to the town for recording, they must first create an account with an eRecording provider such as Simplifile, CSC, ePN or Indecomm. The documents then get uploaded and submitted electronically to the town for recording. Once the payment and image are approved, the document is recorded and then electronically returned to the customer with the assigned volume and page.

*To obtain a customer ID from the town for eRecording please e-mail your information to

Deeds of Conveyance:

To submit a deed for eRecording, the submitter must first register using the e-REC program with State of CT DRS at Through e-REC, the submitter will prepare the OP-236 form online, authorize State tax payments and receive the e-REC tracking number. Then submit the deed and the OP-236 (containing the tracking number) with any Municipal tax to the town for eRecording. The town will accept and record the eRecording and assign the volume and page.

Benefits of eRecording:
  • Faster recording service – document recorded same day
  • Eliminate mailing time and costs
  • Recorded deed returned electronically the same day
  • Eliminate payment errors
  • Documents placed on Public records faster
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduce rejections

Any questions please call (860) 647-3037 or e-mail

If you own property in the town of Manchester and you change your name through marriage or other means you should file a CHANGE OF NAME form on the Land Records.  For your convenience we have included a link below to a Change of Name form you can use for recording purposes.  The fee schedule applies.

If the form is completed by the Town Clerk's office, proof of how your name has changed must be provided.

Link to change of name form

Connecticut Public Act 2021, No. 21-173 (the “Act”) defines an Unlawful Restrictive Covenant as “a covenant or other provision in an instrument affecting the title to real property that purports to restrict ownership or occupancy of such real property on the basis of race.” The Act declares Unlawful Restrictive Covenants to be VOID.

Effective July 1, 2021: PA 21-173 Section 1 (c) Any owner of real property who identifies an unlawful restrictive covenant in an instrument recorded on the land records that relates to real property owned by such person may file either an affidavit pursuant to section 47-12a of the general statutes, as amended by this act, or a form described in subsection (f) of this section, with the town clerk in the municipality where the real property is located, identifying the existence of such unlawful restrictive covenant. There is no fee to file the completed form or affidavit with the Town Clerk.

Unlawful Restrictive Covenant Form
Affidavit Restrictive Covenant