Manchester, Connecticut

Trade Name Information


The office will be staffed and services will be provided to the public by the following methods.

Trade Name filing: New business or Dissolution

  1. Complete appropriate trade name form and have it notarized. See Trade Name Certificate Filing Information below for further information and forms.
  2. Notary services will not be available during this time at Town Hall.
  3. Completed and notarized certificate can be submitted by mail or placed in the drop box at Town Hall.
  4. Include a check for $10.00. If you require a copy of the recorded Trade Name, add an additional $1.00 to the check.

Searching Tradenames online back to 2006:

  1. Tradenames are accessible to search online using the Land Record Portal RecordHUB. See How to search in RecordHUB section below for further information and link.
  2. Indexes only are free to view when the Complimentary subscription is chosen.
  3. Temporary subscription to access images for free is available with a $2.00 print charge per page. See Land Record page and go to the section called To access Land Records from home/office for further instructions.

Request copies/certification of filed Tradenames:

  1. Copies cost $1.00.
  2. Certification costs an additional $2.00.
  3. Send request by mail. (Include check and file number or business name as reference)
  4. Use drop box at Town Hall. (Include check, return env. and file number or business name as reference)
  5. Requests will be processed by staff and returned by mail.

Any questions can be submitted by phone (860-647-3037) or e-mail (

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Trade Name Certificate Filing Information
(Opening a business, terminating the business, changing addresses)

Applicants for Trade Name Certificates must present identification, be sworn and attest to the truth of the content of the application and will be required to sign their legal name. The fee for filing a Trade Name Certificate which has already been signed and notarized is $10.00. The fee for filing a Trade Name Certificate which requires the Town Clerk's office to notarize the signature is $15.00. All certifications are stored in permanent electronic and hard copy files.

If you are mailing in a notarized Trade Name Certificate to be filed, please include a SASE plus an additional $1.00 for a copy to be mailed back to you.

Please note, the trade name filing (with the Town Clerk) does not apply to:

  1. Partnerships: if the partnership name includes the true surname of at least one of the persons composing the said partnership.
  2. Limited Partnerships or Limited Liability Companies, which have registered with the Secretary of the State (CGS 35-1) For more information please contact the Town Clerk's Office.

Trade Name Certificate

Trade Name Dissolution Certificate

How to search in REDORDhub:

To access information regarding trade names from 01/16/2006 forward, click here on Land Records Portal. Click on View Search Sites. Choose Manchester from the Town list. Create a RECORDhub account to access records. To view the indexes for free, choose the Complimentary subscription.

Choose the Expanded Search tab. Type in business name or name of owner in block for Firm/Last Name. Under Index Type choose Trade Names and then click on box labeled Search.

To find all Trade Names for a specific time frame, choose Trade Name from Index Type. Choose a Date From and then a Date Thru range. Click Search to see the results.